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Noosa Yoghurt

Noosa is made from a secret family recipe using all-natural milk and a touch of honey.  A wide variety of flavors is available in 4-packs and 8 oz. containers.

Cage Free Eggs

Our cage-free, no antibiotic eggs are delivered fresh weekly from Eggs-N-More.

Cheese Curds & Whips

Cream City Cheese is made by two family owned dairies. Committed to supporting local Wisconsin dairy farmers, they use fresh milk from neighbors' farms to make award-winning cheeses.

Farm Fresh Milk

Our all-natural milk and cream comes fresh from Morning Fresh Dairy Farm. Morning Fresh owns their cows and grows their own feed and has been producing since 1894.

Fresh Orange Juice

Enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice like your mom and dad use to have delivered to their home.  Another great product from Morning Fresh Dairy Farm.

Dairy Products


Shredded, Block and Sliced cheese is available in Pepper Jack, Montereay Jack, Cheddar, Swiss, Bleu and Provolone.