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Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream is made with fresh, all-natural locally produced ingredients whenever possible. 

Exotic Meats

Wheat Ridge Poultry offers a wide selection of exotic meats.  All meats come from Federally Inspected U.S. Based Plants. 

Fresh Frozen Pasta

Enjoy some fresh frozen pasta with your steak, chicken or pork tonight.  We offer fresh four cheese ravioli, cheese tortellini, and gnocchi.

Baba & Pop's Polish Dumplings

You've tasted them at the Wheat Ridge and Highlands Farmer's Markets, now get them anytime of the year at Wheat Ridge Poultry.

Village Pie Maker Pies

Village Pie Maker pies are loaded with fresh fruit filling and nestled in a flaky, hand-made crust that you bake yourself! 

Frozen Products

Soup Bones

Add to the taste of your soup stock with fresh whole and cut beef bones.